Attention to (bio)medical students all over the world! Prepare yourself for one of the biggest competition of the year!!

Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia proudly presents..
Indonesia International (Bio)Medical Students’ Congress (INAMSC)

This year, the theme of INAMSC is

Share your thoughts about this issue by participating in INAMSC 2015, which consists of:
– Research Paper & Poster Competition
– Literature Review Competition

Besides those competitions, delegates will also enjoy:
– Symposium & Workshop
– Social Programs

So, what are you waiting for?
Start writing your paper now!! Submission will be opened soon!!

Further information, please kindly check:
*manuscript: bit.ly/inamscmanuscript
*the guideline for competition: bit.ly/inamsc2015

Or please contact:
Email: inamsc2015@yahoo.com
CP: Wafridha Akbar (+6285776996660)

You can follow us on:
Twitter: @INAMSC
Facebook: Indonesia International Medical Students’ Congress

Yuuk ikutaan!!!
Let’s smole through #ourgooddays and #ChangeTheWorld!!! 🙂


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